Vi har valgt å spesialisere oss som en dedikert distributør av kvitteringsskrivere fra Star Micronics og vil kunne tilby de fleste Star-produkter i markedet. Les mer om produktutvalget til Star i Produktkatalogen.
Star tilbyr en rekke løsninger og funksjoner som gir bedrifter med POS-løsning og deres kunder smarte kvitteringsutskrifter.

Star CloudPRNT

Star CloudPRNT gir utskrift fra en webserver til Star skrivere hvor som helst i verden uten behov for en lokal POS terminal, og muliggjør fjernkvittering og fjernordreutskrift ved bruk av en standard kvitteringsskriver.
Følgende Star skrivere støtter Star CloudPRNT: mC-Print2 (58mm), mC-Print3 (80mm), TSP654II (80mm), TSP743II (80mm), TSP847II (112mm), SP742 (76mm, matrise kjøkkenskriver).

Star Digital Receipt Service

Just how do you reach customers without an e-mail address or phone number? All you need to benefit from Star’s free of charge Digital Receipt Service is a Star receipt printer linked to the internet and a registered account.  Simply register via the dedicated retailer web site It’s simple and free! All transactions can then be sent to the Cloud to be claimed by customers by Beacon or QR code using the Star Customer AllReceipts™ App. With limited set-up costs and without taking your customer’s personal email or phone details retailers can now:

  • Send promotional images to a customer’s phone using the Star Receipt Flip Service
  • Send an alert and direct your customer to your choice of promotional landing page
  • Feature your receipt, logo and coupon on your customer’s phone
  • Have access to all future developments in the Star Cloud Services program

Micro Receipt

Star Cloud Services is proud to announce the release of the new Micro Receipt™ function within Star’s free-of-charge Digital Receipt Service. Retailers can choose whether to issue a traditional receipt or a much shorter paper-saving micro receipt. Using the AllReceipts or Itemize app, Shoppers can simply scan the QR code provided on the Micro Receipt to capture and store a FULL digital version of the receipt on their mobile device. Software houses can also install this ready-made feature saving them time and money while providing an opportunity for retailers to reduce paper costs and a free way to engage with shoppers.


Independent Merchants can now offer their customers a mobile-first app that improves customer retention. All you need is a Star printer linked to the internet to be able to send receipts and coupons to the AllReceiptsTM or compatible App on your customer’s phone.

AllReceipts™ Digital Receipt Solution Benefits:

  • No changes to your Point of Sale software
  • No training of clerks required
  • No delays to Sales process in store
  • Ability to Add DIGITAL Coupons with Receipt Flip
  • Send an Engaging message ( URL ) to every shopper
  • Receive instant feedback when shoppers claim receipts

Star WebPRNT

Connecting your Star Desktop & Mobile printers to the Web wherever you are!
With the growing requirement to print from both mobile and desktop applications to receipt printers; Star’s WebPRNT™ solution is designed to generate print data via a web browser to output directly to any Star printer fitted with a WebPRNT interface or using Star’s WebPRNT Browser Software. This includes Star thermal receipt, ticket & label printers as well as SP700 matrix kitchen printer.

Star WebPRNT available on HI X Interface for TSP654II, TSP743II, TSP847II thermal printers and SP742II matrix printer
Star WebPRNT available on mC-Print2 and mC-Print3 thermal printers
WebPRNT Browser available for:
Bluetooth POS printers: TSP654IIBI, TSP743IIBI, TSP847IIBI, SP742BI, FVP10BI, mPOP, MC-Print2, MC-Print3
Bluetooth Mobile printers: SM-L200, SM-S230i, SM-L300, SM-T300i, SM-T400i